The shocktastic streamer that plays multiplayer games, Indie games, and current games on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

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zapoqx (pronounced zap-o-q-x) is a variety streamer. Zap has been around in the online gaming world since 1995 and various gaming from consoles to PCs in many different games from 1990 onward. If he isn't not gaming, he is either watching something (TV or Streams) or hanging with people (online or irl).

He streams 3 times a week normally on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays where Fridays is where he plays League of Legends with friends and viewers. He plans to expand more in the future as time permits and do many other things, including podcasts. When he has time, he also tries to help members of the current stream team he is part of: "Cut Above Entertainment" as well as some people that ask in the various communities.


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VoswrathThe initial logo as well as banners for various sites.
grimzbloodMod helper as well as ideas and execution of some stream things.


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Channel Trivia

The name "zapoqx" actually has a whole meaning behind it that dates back from when he first started playing online (1997) to what help molded him in online gaming. Its also why it is pronounced zap-o-q-x.

"Horacha" is a term that jokingly came about when grimzblood talked about zapoqx's horchata as he never got the name right. It has been talked about as something that could be horchata with sriracha mix'd.

Technically, zapoqx began streaming on April of 2015, but officially began in late 2015. However, the basis of what began the particular date for the stream was Chroma Squad's release for backers and is used as the celebration time of streaming.

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Stream/Chat Quotes

Why does the woman you're playing with sound so official? She O.P.

TMtheK_hatWonder about RocketTown during Rainbow 6: Siege

"I don't know. I think CS: GO looks like CS."

zapoqx (response to someone comparing R6:Siege to CS)

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