What is this?

Welcome to Streamer.Directory; a website dedicated to providing information, trivia, quotes and ratings for large and small streamers alike. Eventually you will be able to find featured streamers, upcoming stream events, find stream teams and leave ratings and reviews for your favourite broadcasters.

What does the weird α mean?

The a symbol is to show we are currently in the αlpha phase of development, soon we will move into ßeta with a few extra features before proceeding with the main launch.

Why is it so grey?

The appearance of the site will be worked on once all features are complete and we move into ßeta.

Who runs it?

We are a small team of streamers, game developers and artists who want to help others grow while creating a central streamer database for fans & streamers alike.


We want to create an IMDB-like site where visitors can quickly and easily find information on their favourite streamers or find new streams based on categories such as games played, viewer/staff ratings, channel focus and related streams.

Can I be featured on your site?

Yes. We track your review/trivia/quote contributions and award points, these points will be used to get a spot on the featured streamers list, have your channel hosted, or appear higher in search results. Spammers or anyone trying to game this system will be banned. More info soon.

Can you host my streams?

Yes. This will be coming in ßeta.

Can we collaborate?

Yes. We have plans for events and collaborations with streamers. More to come during main launch.

What happens to my data?

Streamer.Directory does not store any private data. All data is used only for searches on this website and finding related/similar streamers. The only data called from Twitch is your user name, and display name.

I'm a small streamer, can you retweet me?

Make sure to follow @Small_Streamers on Twitter and use #SupportSmallStreamers for retweets.